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Barreiras Home Inventory Service

Barreiras Home Inventory Service
117 Grant Ave
N4L 1A7

As a home owner or a tenant you take great pride not only in your home but in your possessions.

Do you know what you own? Do you know every single item in your home right down to the container of toothpicks stored wayyyyyy back in that cupboard beside the sink? …you know the one I mean

In the event of a loss (fire, flood etc.) this is all information you may wish you had- a detailed inventory of your entire home contents. If you don’t know what you have in your home and your possessions are lost you may not be compensated by your insurance company unless you can prove you owned the items.

That is where our newest member of the Meaford Chamber of Commerce comes in!

Barreiras Home Inventory Service offers a documented summary of your household possessions that can include photos, descriptions, receipts, model/ serial numbers, quantity, age, appraisals, place of purchase and price.

This is all extremely valuable information when dealing with insurance companies. Every dollar you can’t remember or account for is another dollar back into their pocket and out of yours.

You never expect to suffer a loss, it just won’t happen to you right?

But it can.

Protect yourself.


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